Years ago I designed a baby romper which I released in weekly parts for a mystery knit-along. Since then the pattern has been unavailable, as it needed re-writing to condense it into a single pattern in my general pattern style. I always knew that was going to take a lot of work, and it was so easy to keep putting it off. It got to the stage where I realised it was never going to happen unless I prioritised it and  made myself accountable for doing it. So, I started to put little actions relating to it on the to-do list that I give to my lovely accountability partner each day. That list is so sacrosanct that I do whatever it takes to be able to tell Charlie the next day that I have done everything I put on the list. Eventually little actions turn into big achievements, and so last week I finally released the single pattern version of ‘Where’s My Cow?’. It felt good!

Until April 8th the ‘Where’s My Cow?‘ pattern is available with a 20% introductory discount. It makes  lovely baby gift, especially if accompanied by a copy of the Discworld baby book that inspired the design.



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