My designs, patterns and books are protected by copyright and design right laws. UK and European laws pertaining to intellectual property are particularly robust, providing significant protection against unauthorised copying, distribution and commercial use of my work. Knowing that my work cannot legally be copied, distributed or sold by other parties without my consent is an important factor in my decision to create knit designs, and to write and publish hand-knitting patterns for them.

These laws do significantly restrict what you can do with my patterns and with items knitted from my patterns, or items copied from my designs. Therefore I have decided to license some uses of my patterns by handknitters and handknitting tutors that would otherwise not be permitted. The licensed uses described below only pertain to patterns of mine that you have acquired through legal means. Every time you use my work in a manner described below I require that you credit me as designer and/or author and provide details of this website.

You may:

  • Sell up to 10 items annually that have been handknitted by you from any one of my patterns for personal profit.
  • Sell as many items as you wish that have been handknitted by you from my patterns for charitable purposes, as long as all the proceeds go to a recognised charity. You may not make a charge for your labour or for materials used to make the items.
  • Teach classes using my patterns, as long as each participant in such a class purchases their own copy of the relevant pattern from an authorised retailer for use in the class.
  • Display items knitted from my patterns to promote retail of yarn, and/or retail of my patterns or books.


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