All links are to online PDF files. These may be downloaded and/or printed as required.

  • Lace Knits (includes errata for Ainley and Fenay)
  • Merry Little Knits (includes errata for Dasher, Nowell, Strumflings, Wassail Scarf, and Wenceslas)
  • Stranded Knits (Includes errata for Thomasina and William)
  • Born & Bred (Includes errata for Hild, Roseberry, and Wetwang)
  • A Time To Knit (Includes errata for Dilly Dally, Glade, and Mallorn)
  • Novel Knits (Includes errata for the Contents Page, Hartfield, Luna’s Moonlight, Kellynch and Mansfield)
  • Snow Bunny (from ‘The Joy of Sox’)