Join Me On Periscope!

Recently I have started using a relatively new Twitter app called Periscope, which enables users to broadcast live videos during which viewers can post questions and comments for an immediate response. As soon as I came across Periscope I realised it could have been made for me! I love to connect with fellow knitters, and this app enables the most direct connection I have seen in any social media. I broadcast interesting knitting-related content, and you can comment and ask questions for me to respond to live on camera.

So far I have used the app to broadcast:

  • Interesting chats with fellow knitters and designers
  • Fascinating talks and workshops by the Huddersfield KCG (Knitting and Crochet Guild) branch, of which I am a member
  • Fun information for members of the On The Other Hand MKAL (Mystery Knit-Along)
  • Exciting news about my life as a designer
  • Useful knitting tips

You can see some of these at my YouTube channel, where I have since uploaded them. However, the questions and comments from viewers don’t show on YouTube, so the conversation can look very one-sided. Join me live for the best experience!

Last week I planned a schedule of broadcasts for the rest of February:

  • Tuesday 9th – Exploring yarn US and UK yarn terms
  • Thursday 11th – Lifted increases
  • Friday 12th – On The other Hand MKAL Week 2 with Sarah Alderson
  • Tuesday 16th – Stranded knitting for lefthanders
  • Thursday  18th – Update on my studio upgrade
  • Thursday 18th – British Ganseys talk by Sarah Alderson at Huddersfield KCG meeting
  • Friday 19th – On The Other Hand MKAL Week 3 with Sarah Alderson
  • Friday 23rd – Scooped necklines using short rows
  • Friday 26th – On The Other Hand Finishing Party with Sarah Alderson

So, I invite you to download the Periscope app and ‘follow’ me. As everywhere else, I’m on Periscope under my real actual name, with the obligatory twitter prefix: @AnnKingstone. Apart from spending time with me in person, this is the best way we can get to know each other, and to benefit from each other’s knitting knowledge, contacts, and experiences. If you follow me the app will send you a push notification (not an email) whenever I commence a broadcast, so you can connect with me during the live broadcast.

Please do join me on Periscope, I look forward to connecting with you!