Swatching For Springwood


After my recent post about Springwood, in which I mooted the possibility of substituting linen yarns for a summer top, I went ahead and purchased some Lindy Chain from KnitPicks with the intention of using this to make a knitted top for me to wear this summer. I’ve now completed and blocked a swatch with it, knitted on the 3.25mm/US 3 needles that the pattern suggests. At first measure my swatch looked like I had only come in close on tension, at 27 sts per 10cm/4inches instead of 28 stitches per 10cm/4inches. However, I hadn’t blocked the swatch under any tension, just hung the washed swatch over a rod on my towel rail to dry. In my finished project the weight of the jumper will put some vertical tension on the knitting. So I gave a few tugs to my swatch both lengthwise and widthwise, then let it rest a little before re-measuring. This time it came in bang on at 28 sts. I measured in multiple places on the swatch, so I’m fairly confident this is accurate.

Until I had blocked the swatch I was unsure about the fabric. Instead of an even spread across the width, the stitch columns were tight with lots of space between neightbouring stitch columns. This had me thinking that maybe the yarn was wholly unsuitable for my project. However, in the blocked swatch the stitches have spread out to make a lovely even fabric. Happy me!